Mr. Timothy Woodward
Calhoun County Superintendent
Ms. Jacquelyn Collins-Frail
Calhoun County / Council Member
Mr. Blaine Hess
Jackson County/Superintendent
Mr. Carroll Staats
Jackson County / Council Member
Mr. Michael Wells
Pleasants County / Superintendent
Dr. Heather Straight
Pleasants County / Council Member
Mr. Rick Coffman
Ritchie County / Superintendent
Dr. Torie Jackson
Ritchie County / Council Member
Mr. Jerry Garner
Roane County / Superintendent
Mr. Greg Boggs
Roane County / Council Member
Ms. Robin Daquilante
Tyler County / Superintendent
Ms. Linda Hoover
Tyler County / Council Member
Ms. MaryJane Pope-Albin
Wirt County / Superintendent
Mr. Carl Brainard
Wirt County / Council Member
Mr. John Flint
Wood County / Superintendent
Mr. Lawrence Hasbargen
Wood County / Council Member
Ms. Deborah Bever
Chief Instructional Leader Representative (Ritchie County)
Ms. Sharalyn Robinson
Teacher Representative
Dr. Cynthia L Gissy
Higher Education Representative / WVU-P
Mr. Joseph R. Oliverio
Executive Director
Ms. Betty Jo Jordan
WVDE Rep / Executive Assistant to State Superintendent
Dr. James Wilson
West Virginia Board of Education Representative