Regional Wellness
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Throughout the eight counties of RESA 5, the Regional Wellness Specialist (RWS) works to develop a network of partners to enhance collaboration among community, schools, and county school systems to assist students and staff in achieving healthy lifestyles.  The long-term goal of this network is to increase academic achievement and enhance student success.  The Wellness Network addresses four areas of wellness with multiple objectives:

  • Cooperative Wellness
      • Connect schools with DHHR endorsed Pregnancy Prevention Programs
      • Champion the Oral Health Program's dental sealants program for 2nd and 3rd graders
      • Promote adolescent well-child visits
      • Establish a connection between School-Based Health Centers and Regional, Local and School Wellness Councils
      • Ensure the completion of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey and the WV Youth Tobacco Survey in selected schools
      • Promote DHHR endorsed tobacco prevention programs and initiatives
      • Improve partnerships among school, community and regional professionals regarding substance abuse prevention and mental health promotion services
  • Physical Activity
      • Increase awareness of and opportunities for physical activity in accordance with WV Board of Education Policy 2510
      • Increase awareness and opportunities for diabetes, asthma, obesity and hypertension prevention training
  • Nutrition Education and Promotion
      • Improve partnerships among local wellness councils, community and RWS regarding WV Feed to Achieve and Wellness Initiatives
  • Nutrition Guidelines
      • Liaise between state and counties regarding Office of Child Nutrition programs

The Wellness Network is a collaborative effort supported by the Department of Health and Human Resources, Bureau for Public Health and the West Virginia Department of Education, Office of Child Nutrition.