The WVEIS project was created in 1990 by the state of West Virginia to ensure standardized data collection and reporting to the West Virginia Department of Education. By consolidating individual county computer systems into several larger RESA based systems reporting processes were streamlined and individual county expenses were reduced. The WVEIS project has grown to include every county Board of Education office and school in West Virginia and has formed a Wide Area Network (WAN) with links to each RESA office in the state as well as to the State Department of Education. Student applications on the WVEIS network include student scheduling, student attendance, student grading, and several custom programs. Financial and employee applications include payroll processing, human resources, fixed asset inventory, warehousing, and purchasing.

RESA 5 WVEIS Areas of Service

  • Offers member counties a comprehensive information system to meet their student and financial management needs.
  • Provides help desk services for computer network problem determination and resolution.
  • Provides training for the student management information system.
  • Assist/Support county personnel in the use of the IBM AS/400 hardware and software.
  • Design and coordinate training of county staff for WVEIS projects
  • Assist and provide specialized reporting for county schools and central offices.
  • Coordinate and assist in the RESA 5 regional planning and implementation of WVEIS.
  • Serve as liaison among county, region and state agencies in the operation of WVEIS.

Please remember that it is against the law to disclose your WVEIS password to ANYONE. Please refer to West Virginia State Code ?1-3C-10, Disclosure of computer security information.

"Any person who knowingly, willfully and without authorization discloses a password, identifying code, personal identification number or other confidential information about a computer security system to another person shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars or confined in the county jail for not more than six months or both."