The services provided through the RESA 5 Professional Development Office are structured around the following West Virginia RESA Goals:

Goal 1. Providing technical assistance to low-performing schools and school systems.

Goal 2. Providing high quality, targeted staff development designed to enhance the performance and progress of students;

Goal 5. Receiving and administering grants under the provisions of federal and/or state law;

Goal 6. Developing and/or implementing any other programs or services as directed by law or by the State Board of Education.

Services provided by the RESA 5 office of Professional Development include but are not limited to:

  • Professional Development and support for teachers, administrators, and support staff.
  • Technical assistance with program research, development, assessment and evaluation.
  • Substitute teacher training
  • Exemplary Teacher Program, Regional Spelling Bee, Regional Science Bowl, Regional Social Studies Fair
  • Graduate classes for license renewal through WVU Extended Learning
  • Student leadership opportunities


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*For Common Core resources, please select the ‘Educator Enhancement Academy” link under “Professional Development” in the red toolbar on the left. This link will lead you to multiple resources.