Name & Position Contact Info
Mr. Joseph  R. Oliverio
Executive Director
304-485-6513 Ext. 1301
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Ms. Kayla  Lowers
Administrative Assistant
304-485-6513  Ext:1300
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Mr. Bud  Akens
Computer Technician - Jackson County
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Ms. Emily  Batten
Adult Basic Education Instructor - Roane County
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Ms. Teresa  Branch
Career Readiness Instructor - Mason County
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Mr. Andy  Brookhart
Computer Technician
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Mr. Ken  Cedar
SPOKES Job Coach - Jackson/Roane/Mason Counties
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Ms. Brenda  Clark
Professional Development Director
304-485-6513  Ext:1303
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Mr. Daniel  P Davis
Computer Technician
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Ms. Susan   Ellison
Career Readiness Instructor - Wood County
304-485-6513  Ext:1323
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Mr. Charles  Franks
Computer Technician
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Mrs. Kari  Geary
Career Development Consultant
304-485-6513 ext 1322
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Mr. Zane  Gherke
Director of WVEIS/Computer Repair
304-485-6513  Ext:1307
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Mr. Richard  H Gobble
Director of Public Service Training
304-485-6513  Ext:1312
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Ms. Eva  Godbey
Public Service Training Specialist
304-485-6513  Ext:1311
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Ms. Julie  Hagan
Director of Adult Education
304-485-6513  Ext:1320
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Ms. Teresa  Harper
Regional Wellness Specialist
304-485-6513  Ext:1315
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Ms. Jackquilyn   Harris
Graduation 20/20
304-485-6513  Ext:1310
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Ms. Leeanna  Hughart
Career Readiness Instructor - Wood County
304-485-6513  Ext:1324
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Ms. Lindsey  N Hull
Medicaid Specialist
304-485-6513  Ext:1304
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Ms. Lori  Kuffner
AE/SPOKES Instructor - Ritchie County
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Ms. Robin  Lance
AE/SPOKES Career Readiness Instructor - Roane County
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Ms. Kristi  Lantz
Professional Growth Coordinator
304-485-6513  Ext:1327
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Mr. John  Lawrentz
Custodian / General Maintenance
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Mr. Richard  Mace
Computer Technician
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Mr. Kasey  McCulty
Computer Technician
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Mr. Chris  Melonas
Director of Child Nutrition - Calhoun/Wirt Counties

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Ms. Wendy  Mick
Coordinator of Finance
304-485-6513  Ext:1308
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Ms. Stella  M Moon
Coordinator of Adolescent Health
304-485-6513  Ext:1314
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Mr. Tim  Mowery
Computer Technician
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Ms. Carla  Mullins
SPOKES Instructor - Jackson County
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Ms. Stefani  Murray
Professional Development Secretary
304-485-6513  Ext:1302
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Mr. Todd  R Murray
Career Readiness Instructor - Jackson County
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Mr. Nicholas  Northup
Career Readiness Instructor / TIS - Mason County One Stop
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Ms. Melisa  Powers
Director - Environmental Training Center
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Ms. Connie  Roberts
Finance Director
304-420-9670  Ext:167
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Ms. Ashley  Smith
Instructional Associate - Wood County
304-485-6513  Ext:1326
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Ms. Deena  Swain
Director of Special Education
304-485-6513  Ext:1305
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Ms. Tisha  Wall
Technical Assistance Support Specialist
304-485-6513  Ext:1313
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Mr. James  M Walter
WVEIS Specialist
304-485-6513  Ext:1306
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Ms. Brenda  Waybright
Executive Secretary / Office Manager
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Mr. Eric  Weaver
Computer Technician
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Mr. Clinton  Charles West , Jr
TSS - Roane County
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Ms. Brenda   Wheeler
Adult Education Secretary
304-485-6513  Ext:1321
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Ms. Savanna  Whited
SPOKES Long-term Substitute - Jackson County
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Mr. Woody  Wilson
Coordinator - Bus Operator Training

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