Operator Info

The West Virginia Environmental Training Center offers more than just training to water and wastewater professionals throughout the state. Listed below are a few ways the WVETC can keep your treatment facility running at its best. Please give us a call if you think there is anyway we can be of assistance to your utility, that's why we're here.


Technical assistance

Information is available on a wide range of wastewater and water topics. The ETC receives dozens of phone calls each week from operators, managers, inspectors and engineers. A comprehensive library of manuals, videos and magazines is available. Limited lab services and field visits can be arranged. The ETC also coordinates West Virginia's 104 Onsite Technical Assistance Project, an EPA funded program through the WV Department of Education. This project provides on-site, over the shoulder training at a wastewater plant utilizing experienced professional operators.

Microscopic evaluation

Microscopic evaluation is an extremely useful process control tool for wastewater operators. The WVETC offers free sample evaluation to municipal facilities in West Virginia. Samples from other facilities (industrial, out-of-state) can also be reviewed for a minimal fee. A written report and digital photos are included!



Workbooks and manuals for various classes are available for sale directly from the ETC. Water and Wastewater Certification courses utilize the Sacramento Manuals as the official texts.


Over 300 documents and over 100 videos on various safety, wastewater and water topics are available from the ETC library at no cost. A new updated video list is now available.

Equipment for loan

Laboratory and process control equipment is available for loan at no charge. Contact the ETC if you need a: Solids oven, D. O. meter, balance, microscope, etc.