About RESA

The Regional Education Service Agencies – RESA – is a constantly evolving vision of 21st century learning, and an on-going transformation of education in West Virginia’s county schools, with outcomes that influence the success of students, teachers, and school administrators. With a track record of achievement, the agencies are providing high quality, cost effective services and life-long education programs to school systems and communities, while saving taxpayer’s money.

Due to changes made by the West Virginia Legislature, RESA's have been changed into a different form of educational cooperative. RESA FY17 and FY18 is still a Regional Educational Service Agency but there are differences to be seen now. Although we are charged with delivering the same services to our communities, some of our staff has moved on to other places of employment. Some departments are still intact as they once were and those are our Medicaid Specialist, Public Service Training, and Adult Education. Our Professional Development department saw the biggest changes and at the present, only one remains and her duties have been realigned by the state with the demands of our Special Education department. Departments that no longer exist at your RESA include Adolescent Health, Wellness, Early Literacy, School Improvement and Technical Assistance Specialists. Even our technology department has gone down to one person trying to meet all your needs. Our goal over the next several months will be to work with the Regional Council to transition to the new Educational Service Cooperatives and with their assistance and others, we look forward to what the future may bring.



RESAs support and help arrange educational opportunities in the communities by contributing their expertise toward improvements to community education programs such as Adult Basic Education, GED preparation and testing, job training, and specialized instructional services for all age levels.



Community health and safety is a priority, which provides low-cost training programs for thousands of first responders, such as firefighters and emergency medical professionals and volunteers.

Many school and community training programs are made possible because RESAs can find the means to provide the services at reduced costs. This is accomplished in part by engaging the professional expertise of agency staff members and county school personnel, thus avoiding higher costs that would be incurred by hiring outside professionals.



Cost cutting measures are achieved through cooperative purchasing and the Association of Educational Agencies (AEPA).

Wide ranging financial benefits are derived by the agencies’ management of Medicaid billing for the medical services provided by county boards of education. In addition, the agencies manage the West Virginia Education Information Systems (WVEIS), which provides data maintenance, the creation of bar codes for scheduling, report cards, GradeQuick, attendance, finance, payroll and food service to schools and school systems.

A review of RESA’s budget expenditures clearly indicates that, categorically, RESAs are prudently utilizing funding for programs mandated by the West Virginia Legislature and the initiatives of the West Virginia State Board of Education.



RESA directly impacts 21st century learning and effective instruction by updating computers, installing software and hardware, and offering consultation services and wireless networking support. This scope of services has improved learning opportunities in grades K-12 and beyond, and has created an environment that fosters and encourages innovation, individuality and creativity.

Because computerization in its many forms is integral to current teaching and learning methods, RESA oversees the repair and maintenance of computer equipment, networks, and audio visual equipment.